5 Great Stag Party Games Ideas

The best thing about stag party games is that many of them lead to wonderfully weird and most likely embarrassing forfeits. Here is our top choice of 5 stag party games ideas.

Stag Party Games Ideas #1 – Toy Soldiers

All you need for this game is a bag of plastic toy soldiers (make sure they are all striking different poses). At the beginning of the night, each stag randomly pulls out one of these toys soldiers. When the best man commands ‘Assume your positions!’ (at random moments or in-between pubs), all the stags must hold the pose of their toy soldier. Anyone who gets his pose wrong (or doesn’t hear the command) must pay a forfeit.

Stag Party Games Ideas #2 – Stranger Danger

Each stag must approach and engage a group of ladies in conversation. The challenge is to keep them talking for 5 minutes – while being as drab and boring (without being offensive or rude at any point) as possible. Any stag being told to go away before his 5 minutes are up must pay a penalty/forfeit.

Stag Party Games Ideas #3 – Oscar Bravo

This game requires a certain amount of movie knowledge. Again, each stag must approach some lovely ladies and engage them in a conversation. In this case, however, he must work 3 movie quotes into his conversation without the ladies noticing. If he’s rumbled, he must pay a forfeit.

Stag Party Games Ideas #4 – Mr Whacky

For this game, you will need ‘Mr Whacky’ (table tennis bat with a face drawn onto it) and a deck of playing cards. The rules are simple: 7 cards are dealt in a row (face down) onto a table. One of the stags picks a random card from the remaining deck and must then work his way along the cards on the table, predicting for each one whether it is higher or lower than the card he picked. For each wrong guess, he must bend over and allow the groom to introduce him to Mr Whacky by spanking him on the backside with the bat. Naturally, all stags will get a turn.

Stag Party Games Ideas #5 – Ben Hur

As you’re leaving a pub or bar, split your group into two (preferably even-numbered) teams and tell them where you’re heading next. Each team then picks the lightest man in the team as their ‘charioteer’, with the remaining team forming the ‘Roman chariot’.

On the groom or best man’s command, they pick up their ‘drivers’ (whichever way seems best) and race to the next destination. The charioteer’s feet are not allowed to touch the ground at any point during the race. If a charioteer’s feet hit the ground, the team loses, otherwise the last team to reach the destination loses. Either way, each member of the losing team must pay a forfeit.

Racing in Croydon

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