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Best Places for Stag Do Thrills in the UK

When it comes to selecting the best places for stag do excitement, most people immediately think of having their stag do abroad. This is quite surprising, as the UK has so much to offer – from Blue Flag beaches and extreme sports to legendary night life and everything in-between…

…You should consider having your stag do with the Larry Flynt’s legendary Hustler Honeys in South London for one final blast before the big day!

Here are some of the best places for stag do thrills in the UK. We have, of course, saved the best until last 🙂


Perfect for ‘petrol-heads’, Birmingham offers everything from Extreme Dodgem Action, Indoor and Off-Road Karting and Powerturn Dragsters to a vibrant nightlife complete with some outstanding lap-dancing venues.


Great weather, gorgeous beaches and a network of cool attractions, bars, clubs and restaurants combine to secure Bournemouth with a spot in our list of the best places for stag do excitement.


Brighton offers a host of attractions, fun activities and landmarks, as well as cool clubs, trendy bars and strip joints; casinos, comedy clubs and proper ‘boozers’ offering locally brewed, traditional real ale – what more could you ask for?


When it comes to the best places for stag do thrills, Cardiff has it all – from dramatic scenery and adrenaline-pumping activities including quad biking, high ropes and gorge scrambling to fantastic clubbing and lap dancing venues.


The ‘Festival City’ of Edinburgh offers plenty of excitement both during the day and at night with canyoning, cliff jumping and white water rafting or ‘Highland Games’ to golf, whisky tasting, comedy and fringe theatre; from pub and club ‘crawls’ to lap dancing and more.


Liverpool is one of the best places for stag do revellers because it offers everything from football-related or testosterone-driven, chest-beating activities and culture to serious boozing, schmoozing and clubbing venues.


Then, of course, there is London with all its attractions, comedy clubs and theatres; old school boozers; trendy bars, world-famous clubs and some of the country’s finest gentlemen’s clubs – like Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, for example. Our gorgeous Hustler Honeys and stag party packages do, by the way, make us one of London’s best places for stag do thrills – call us to learn more: 0208 633 1621.


Strip Club South London Etiquette for Ladies

Having provided some basic strip club South London etiquette for men a while back, we thought it would be only fair to do the same for our female visitors.

Strip Club Etiquette for Ladies

Although strip clubs are predominantly visited by men, we do occasionally have female visitors. Some are here to have a fun night out with their friends, others come because their husband/boyfriend/date has talked them into it. Others still come because they prefer ladies, full stop. Either way, being aware of a little strip club South London etiquette goes a long way towards having a fantastic, trouble free night out – so here we go:

  • The girls are here to entertain you, so relax – they have no interest whatsoever in ‘your man’! Never look at them as competitors – if anything, see them as a fun warm-up for a fantastic time when you get home!
  • Please – do not hurl insults at the girls or give them lectures on how there must be better ways to earn a living. They know their work is unconventional and don’t need to be reminded. In any case, insulting them is rude, it’s as simple as that.
  • Letting your hair down once in a while is good for you, but please refrain from getting excessively drunk. Having too much of the ‘good stuff’ can easily get you into all kinds of trouble – and if your behaviour gets too bothersome, you could end up being ‘evicted’.
  • Would you jump onto the stage at a theatre and start performing Hamlet? No – so please don’t jump on the stage or grab a pole. Let our professionals do their job, because a) ‘strutting your stuff’ on our stage is highly likely to make you look extremely silly and b) you’re stealing attention and potential tips from the girls.
  • If you’re watching the girls, please tip them – the fact that you’re a woman does not exempt you from the most basic rule of strip club South London etiquette: ‘If you watch them, tip them!
  • Similarly, being of the same sex does not give you the right to grope the girls. 

Finally, but by no means least importantly, we here at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Strip Club in South London are here to make sure you have a wonderful night out – so book a table or VIP booth, enjoy the view and have a great time!


5 Great Stag Party Games Ideas

The best thing about stag party games is that many of them lead to wonderfully weird and most likely embarrassing forfeits. Here is our top choice of 5 stag party games ideas.

Stag Party Games Ideas #1 – Toy Soldiers

All you need for this game is a bag of plastic toy soldiers (make sure they are all striking different poses). At the beginning of the night, each stag randomly pulls out one of these toys soldiers. When the best man commands ‘Assume your positions!’ (at random moments or in-between pubs), all the stags must hold the pose of their toy soldier. Anyone who gets his pose wrong (or doesn’t hear the command) must pay a forfeit.

Stag Party Games Ideas #2 – Stranger Danger

Each stag must approach and engage a group of ladies in conversation. The challenge is to keep them talking for 5 minutes – while being as drab and boring (without being offensive or rude at any point) as possible. Any stag being told to go away before his 5 minutes are up must pay a penalty/forfeit.

Stag Party Games Ideas #3 – Oscar Bravo

This game requires a certain amount of movie knowledge. Again, each stag must approach some lovely ladies and engage them in a conversation. In this case, however, he must work 3 movie quotes into his conversation without the ladies noticing. If he’s rumbled, he must pay a forfeit.

Stag Party Games Ideas #4 – Mr Whacky

For this game, you will need ‘Mr Whacky’ (table tennis bat with a face drawn onto it) and a deck of playing cards. The rules are simple: 7 cards are dealt in a row (face down) onto a table. One of the stags picks a random card from the remaining deck and must then work his way along the cards on the table, predicting for each one whether it is higher or lower than the card he picked. For each wrong guess, he must bend over and allow the groom to introduce him to Mr Whacky by spanking him on the backside with the bat. Naturally, all stags will get a turn.

Stag Party Games Ideas #5 – Ben Hur

As you’re leaving a pub or bar, split your group into two (preferably even-numbered) teams and tell them where you’re heading next. Each team then picks the lightest man in the team as their ‘charioteer’, with the remaining team forming the ‘Roman chariot’.

On the groom or best man’s command, they pick up their ‘drivers’ (whichever way seems best) and race to the next destination. The charioteer’s feet are not allowed to touch the ground at any point during the race. If a charioteer’s feet hit the ground, the team loses, otherwise the last team to reach the destination loses. Either way, each member of the losing team must pay a forfeit.

Racing in Croydon

If you’re doing your ‘Ben Hur’ races in Croydon, chances are you’ll end up at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club sooner or later. To avoid disappointment after all that effort, make sure to book your party in well in advance – you can make your booking right here.


Choosing a Pole Dance Pole for Home Use

Choosing the right pole dance pole for home use from the wide variety of available options can be confusing, so we have put together a brief guide for selecting a pole here.

Choosing a Pole Dance Pole for Home Use

The first thing to consider when buying a pole dancing pole is which brand to go for. We suggest going for X-Pole, which are used by worldwide professional pole dancers, in competitions and by most pole dancing studios. Offering superb build quality, these poles are stable, safe and available in varying options designed to suit everyone. There may be plenty of cheaper poles, but most of them tend to be unsuitable for heavy use or pole fitness.

Portable or Permanent

Whether to choose a permanent or a portable pole dance pole for home use depends on the space you have available and whether you want flexibility or the added security of having your pole screwed to the ceiling. If flexibility is required, X-Poles are again the top choice, as they can be easily set up/taken down as and when required. If you have the spare space and want a little extra security, a pleasure pole may be more suitable.

Pole Diameter

There are three diameter options when selecting a pole dance pole for home use, namely 40, 45 and 50 mm. If unsure, it is best to opt for the 45 mm, which is the industry standard (and also the size found at competitions and in most studios). A 40-mm pole may be more comfortable if you happen to have a small grip and 50 mm poles are most suitable for experienced individuals or people with larger grips.

Static or Spinning

Static (fixed) poles are perfect for beginners (and typically a little cheaper than spinning poles). However, spinning poles can usually be set to remain static or rotate, which means they are great to begin with, but offer the option to perform more advanced moves once you get more experienced.


Pole dance pole for home use options include three different finishes, each of which offers a different grip level:

Stainless Steel – Offering less grip than other finishes, this can prove difficult to hold on to for beginners

Chrome – Offering good grip, this is perfect for beginners

Titanium-Gold – This provides the most grip, but also comes at a premium price

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but if you are new to pole dancing and limited by budget questions, chrome is the best finish to go for when choosing a pole dance pole for home use.

Pole Dancing Lessons

Now that you know how to choose the right pole dance pole for home use, all you need to do to get going is to get some expert pole dancing lessons. Our Pole Dance school in Croydon offers lessons for pole dancers at all levels of experience, from beginners to professional dancers. If you want to learn from the best, book your lessons now – and get the first 2 lessons free.


Top 10 Rules for Stag Do Weekends

Well organised stag do weekends must have rules to make sure everyone has fantastic fun; the stag will be thoroughly embarrassed at least once during the weekend and no lasting damage is done to the stag or his marriage to be. Some of these rules are therefore serious, others are fun and most of them are simple, unwritten rules of proper etiquette. Here are our top 10 rules for stag do weekends.

Rule #1 – What Goes on Tour Must Stay on Tour

This unwritten rule for stag do weekends is designed to make the weekend sound like:

  • It was mysteriously fantastic
  • Everyone was so wasted no-one can remember what went on
  • Something nobody wants to talk about

Either way, this is the most important rule for stag do weekends to stick to.

Rule #2 – No-One is left Behind Enemy Lines

Nobody should be left behind asleep in a club or bar to make their way back to wherever you’re all staying after getting a nudge from bouncers. This can also be applied to anyone within the stag party meeting a girl and wanting to go to her place – stag do weekends etiquette dictates that he should not be permitted to do so on his own.

Rule #3 – No Cheating

Pretty obvious really… think of the bride to be! You may even bump into a wild hen party where a list of dares for the bride-to-be includes the challenge to ‘kiss a stag’. No matter how drunk the stag is, make sure he doesn’t take things too far – he is, after all, getting married and does not need a drunken dalliance on his conscience (not to mention the potential repercussions should his bride ever find out!). This is one of the more serious rules for stag do weekends (as is Rule #4).

Rule #4 – Don’t Take Pranks Too Far

Pranks, dares and a whole lot of embarrassment for the stag are invariable part of stag do weekends. The important thing here is not to take things too far. In other words, make sure the stag gets back home (so please don’t put him on a slow boat to Timbuktu) without permanent drawings, tattoos or scars and with all limbs attached and preferably unbroken. Remember that if you spoil wedding photographs (or god-forbid, the wedding itself), the wife-to-be will never forgive you – or the stag, for that matter.

Rule #5 – All for One and One for All

There is no ducking out on stag do weekends. If most of your party wants to visit a strip club or drink nothing but shots, you go visit a strip club or drink shots. It is, after all, a stag do and everyone must go with the wishes of the majority.

Rule #6 – The Stag Doesn’t Get to Choose His Drinks

This can be messy – especially when everyone is having coffee for breakfast and the poor stag has to wash his morning-fry-up down with a pint of ale.

Rule #7 – Nominated Drinking Hands

This is a great way to work forfeits into stag do weekends. Nominate a drinking hand for the whole weekend and if anyone is caught using the wrong hand to pick up their drink, they must pay for their ‘sin’ by taking a forfeit.

Rule #8 – Put It Down Scorcese

Nobody wants to see the husband-to-be out of control, asleep in a bath or peeing in public, so come on, lads, put away the cameras and allow some parts of stag do weekends to become nothing but fond (or not so fond) memories. Feel free to film/take photos of daytime activities but keep anything that happens once you start drinking an undocumented mystery.  

Rule #9 – Don’t Use Mobiles

Taking or making calls and sending/receiving text messages during stag do weekends is a big no-no and anyone caught doing so must drink their own weight in beer. It’s forfeit heaven for all who get to watch and vomiting misery for those who are caught, so best leave your mobile on silent and in your pocket.

Rule #10

Finally, if your stag do weekend includes visiting us here at the Hustler Club in Croydon, make sure you all have a fantastic time! We also suggest booking your stag party in with us well in advance to avoid getting disappointed when you get here.


Thursday Night Clubs London

Rumour has it that Thursday night is the new Friday night – and when it comes to Thursday night clubs London certainly has plenty to offer.

Thursday Night Clubs London

You could, for instance, take a ‘tour’ (or crawl) of as many of the pubs, bars and Thursday night clubs London has to offer as you can fit into your night out. Alternatively, you could grab some first-class stand-up comedy at the Top Secret Comedy Club in Drury Lane – which is a fantastic choice if you’re in for a good giggle!

If it’s live music you’re after, you may want to head for the Dirty Bones Kensington, where a different band plays live every Thursday – unless you prefer to get nostalgic with a little vintage blues, disco, funk or soul, in which case you should make your way to the Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill Gate, where Thursday nights are ‘Boogie Jukebox’ nights.

Hustler Club, Croydon

If, on the other hand, ‘Thursday night clubs London’ means stunning girls, cheaper drinks than in central London (for example free tequila throughout the night, £2 Heineken and jagermeister – not just Thursdays but throughout the week..!), you should definitely make your way to the Hustler Club in Croydon. Every one of the ‘Hustler Honeys’ is exceptionally gorgeous and ready to party from 10 PM to 3 AM.

The perfect venue for a little ‘pre-weekend excitement’; lads’ nights out and stag dos, the Hustler Club is extremely popular and gets packed very quickly, so we suggest pre-booking a table to avoid disappointment – you can make your booking online or give us a call on Tel.: 0208 633 1621.

Hurry – Our Honeys are waiting…

Great Stag Activities in and Around Croydon

Planning a stag day or weekend in and around Croydon is easier than you may think, because the area has a host of fantastic attractions that are perfect for stag activities – not to mention the nightlife of Croydon!

Stag Activities in Croydon

If you’re in for a good giggle and want an opportunity to thoroughly embarrass the stag, Football Zorbing Croydon will offer you all that and more. There are two available options: Football Zorbing, which is 5-a-side football with a twist – players are in bubbles – and Bubble Mayhem, which is focussed more on silly game (including last Man Standing, Sumo and Bulldog) than football. Either way, it will be a fantastic way to warm up for the stag’s final night of freedom.

Parties looking for something a little more adrenaline-pumping may want to consider a Rally Driving Day. Hosted by Forster Racing School, which serves Croydon and can arrange the day at any venue (using their own Ford RSTs and/or Rage Buggies), this is an adrenaline-fuelled activity designed to bring out everyone’s inner competitive spirit.

Stag Activities Within 20 Miles of Croydon

Combat Archery is the latest craze in stag activities and, as experts are always readily at hand, is as suitable for beginners as it is for experienced archers. Satisfy your inner ‘Robin Hood’ and engage in some ‘Hunger Games’ style, fast & frantic elimination challenges by booking your party into one of the National Archery venues close to Croydon, which include centres at:

  • Beckenham, Kent, 2.4 miles
  • Wimbledon, 6.7 miles
  • Eltham, London, 7.7 miles
  • Waterloo, London, 8.9 miles and
  • Redhill, Surrey, 10.2 miles
  • Sutton at Hone, 20.6 miles

Another increasingly popular stag activity is Clay Pigeon Shooting. Again, there are several centres to choose from within easy reach of Croydon, including venues at:

  • Godstone, 10.8 m
  • Merstham, Surrey, 10.8 m
  • Sutton At Hone, Kent, 13.9 m
  • Bean, Nr Dartford, 15.9 m
  • Crawley, West Sussex, 18.5 m and
  • Barnet, Greater London, 20.6 m

A post suggesting stag activities would be far from complete without mentioning Paint Balling – there are two centres close to Croydon, namely Paintball Kent (Covers Hall Farm, Westerham, Kent, 12.5 miles) and Paintball Bromley (Shoreham Lane, Orpington, Kent, 10.5 miles). The perfect opportunity to let the stag ‘have it’!

Stag Activities Within 30 Miles of Croydon

If you don’t mind heading out a little further, you will find plenty of excitement at Quad Nation’s quad biking track in Crawley (24.6 miles) or at Southern Pursuits’ outdoor activity centre (26.2 miles), where you can choose from a whole range of activities (or a combination of several of them), including, for instance, Air Rifle and Clay Pigeon Shooting; Archery, Argo Cat Driving and Axe Throwing; Hover Crafting, Off-Road Karting and Quad Biking.

Night Time Stag Activities

What better way to round off a day of exciting, fun stag activities than with the sexy Hustler Honeys, fantastic drink offers throughout the week and more at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Croydon? As we get packed quickly most nights, we suggest you book your party night at the Hustler well in advance to avoid disappointment!


Croydon Nightclubs – The Nightlife of Croydon

Whether you are simply looking for a fantastic night out or planning a stag night, the nightlife of Croydon is truly legendary with a host of outstanding pubs, bars and clubs to choose from. Here are some of them.

Croydon Nightclubs, Bars & Pubs

The Spread Eagle Pub & Theatre – Situated on Katherine Street, this is the perfect place if you are looking to combine good food, comedy, film and/or theatre.

The Bad Apple – Looking for a chance to dance, see some shows or have some tasty bar snacks to go with your drinks? The Bad Apple on Park Street will do just nicely.

Porter and Sorter – Offering real ales on tap; drinks promotions and hearty pub food (anything from sandwiches to main meals from the ‘Specials’ board), the Porter and Sorter on Station Road East is perfect if you’re hoping for a nice, relaxed evening meal.

Bar Txt – Renowned for their outstanding selection of great cocktails, the Bar Txt (South End) also offers food, which makes it a good starting point for your night out in Croydon.

Matthews Yard – Ideal for those ‘independent creatives’ among you, Matthews Yard’s two premises (Matthews Yard/Off Surrey Street) include a live music venue, art gallery and a theatre; 3 restaurants, art & design suites and a co-working area, as well as varying rehearsal rooms and recording studios. Great if you wish to combine a night out with a little creative work.

More Croydon Nightclubs, Pubs & Bars

Other, equally great establishments in Croydon include the:

  • Black Sheep
  • The Edge
  • Club 88
  • The Soulful Cellar
  • Rileys Croydon Frith Road
  • Earl of Eldon
  • Boxbar
  • The Ship of Fools
  • The Wheatsheaf on the Pond
  • The Windmill
  • Bar Red Square
  • Banana Joe’s Bar

These Croydon nightclubs, pubs and bars are within easy walking distances of first class hotels, guesthouses, and so on – making them perfect for visitors looking for a good time in Croydon.

The Cream of Croydon Nightclubs

Then, of course, there is Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club on Crown Hill, Church Street. Open 6 nights a week (Tuesday to Sunday), the Hustler Club offers everything you could possibly ask for, from sexy barmaids and gorgeous pole dancers to first class drinks promotions, shows and much, much more. Want to avoid disappointment? Book your table or VIP Room in advance!


10 Top Reasons to Learn to Pole Dance

Pole dance classes are rapidly increasing in popularity. If you’ve ever wondered what makes people choose to learn to pole dance, read on…

Top Reasons to Learn to Pole Dance

The top reasons why not only celebrities, but people everywhere are choosing to learn to pole dance are:

  • Pole dance provides a marvellous core workout – you can get those perfectly flat abs without ever having to do another crunch or sit-up again.
  • Pole dancing gives you a great cardio workout – depending on your level of fitness and the routine you are practising, a 4 to 5-minute-long pole training session can give you the anaerobic, peak heart rate bursts necessary for your cardio health.
  • Pole exercises help you lose weight and tone up your whole body, including your chest (pectoral) muscles (giving you that ‘extra lift’ without resorting to the trusty old Wonderbra) and abs; triceps, biceps, quads and inner thighs. The dynamic stretching exercises done off the pole also work wonders for your rear…
  • Pole dance strengthens your back muscles. Combined with enhanced core strength, this makes you more independent (you no longer need anyone to help you with heavy loads) and helps reduce the risk of everyday life injuries.
  • Exercising on the pole speeds up your metabolism, helping you to burn off calories quicker. Combined with a healthy diet, this, of course, helps you to lose weight while you learn to pole dance.
  • Pole fitness requires incredible amounts of balance and coordination. Learning to control your pivots, turns and spins strengthens muscles all over your body. Combined with increased core and back strength, this helps to improve your posture. This in turn is extremely important for healthy digestion, optimal lung function and a healthy spine, as well as an engaged, alert mind.
  • Many pole moves and poses involve a lot of stretching, which will invariably increase your flexibility. Improved flexibility benefits your general joint and muscle health, as well as assisting in the prevention of and recovery from injuries.
  • When you learn to pole dance, you will have so much fun that you will lose track of time. As a result, your endurance will gradually increase with very little effort and often without you even realising how much muscle power you are using.
  • Learning to pole dance also gives you a greater sense of strength and independence; body confidence and sexiness. This, of course, is something few (if any) other sports can do.

Last, but by no means least, pole dancing classes are tremendous fun. Giving you the chance to climb, run, swing and jump around like a kid at a jungle playground, pole exercise usually involves a lot of laughter. As we all know, laughter is the best medicine – offering stress relief and plenty of other general health, heart and mental benefits.


In a nutshell, people learn to pole dance because it is fantastic fun AND increases their physical, mental and emotional health. What’s more, anyone can learn to pole dance, no matter how old or unfit they think they are – and this includes you.

Learn to Pole Dance

Ready to give it a try? Give us a call on 0208 633 1621 or book your first lesson online today.