10 Top Reasons to Learn to Pole Dance

Pole dance classes are rapidly increasing in popularity. If you’ve ever wondered what makes people choose to learn to pole dance, read on…

Top Reasons to Learn to Pole Dance

The top reasons why not only celebrities, but people everywhere are choosing to learn to pole dance are:

  • Pole dance provides a marvellous core workout – you can get those perfectly flat abs without ever having to do another crunch or sit-up again.
  • Pole dancing gives you a great cardio workout – depending on your level of fitness and the routine you are practising, a 4 to 5-minute-long pole training session can give you the anaerobic, peak heart rate bursts necessary for your cardio health.
  • Pole exercises help you lose weight and tone up your whole body, including your chest (pectoral) muscles (giving you that ‘extra lift’ without resorting to the trusty old Wonderbra) and abs; triceps, biceps, quads and inner thighs. The dynamic stretching exercises done off the pole also work wonders for your rear…
  • Pole dance strengthens your back muscles. Combined with enhanced core strength, this makes you more independent (you no longer need anyone to help you with heavy loads) and helps reduce the risk of everyday life injuries.
  • Exercising on the pole speeds up your metabolism, helping you to burn off calories quicker. Combined with a healthy diet, this, of course, helps you to lose weight while you learn to pole dance.
  • Pole fitness requires incredible amounts of balance and coordination. Learning to control your pivots, turns and spins strengthens muscles all over your body. Combined with increased core and back strength, this helps to improve your posture. This in turn is extremely important for healthy digestion, optimal lung function and a healthy spine, as well as an engaged, alert mind.
  • Many pole moves and poses involve a lot of stretching, which will invariably increase your flexibility. Improved flexibility benefits your general joint and muscle health, as well as assisting in the prevention of and recovery from injuries.
  • When you learn to pole dance, you will have so much fun that you will lose track of time. As a result, your endurance will gradually increase with very little effort and often without you even realising how much muscle power you are using.
  • Learning to pole dance also gives you a greater sense of strength and independence; body confidence and sexiness. This, of course, is something few (if any) other sports can do.

Last, but by no means least, pole dancing classes are tremendous fun. Giving you the chance to climb, run, swing and jump around like a kid at a jungle playground, pole exercise usually involves a lot of laughter. As we all know, laughter is the best medicine – offering stress relief and plenty of other general health, heart and mental benefits.


In a nutshell, people learn to pole dance because it is fantastic fun AND increases their physical, mental and emotional health. What’s more, anyone can learn to pole dance, no matter how old or unfit they think they are – and this includes you.

Learn to Pole Dance

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