Strip Club South London Etiquette for Ladies

Having provided some basic strip club South London etiquette for men a while back, we thought it would be only fair to do the same for our female visitors.

Strip Club Etiquette for Ladies

Although strip clubs are predominantly visited by men, we do occasionally have female visitors. Some are here to have a fun night out with their friends, others come because their husband/boyfriend/date has talked them into it. Others still come because they prefer ladies, full stop. Either way, being aware of a little strip club South London etiquette goes a long way towards having a fantastic, trouble free night out – so here we go:

  • The girls are here to entertain you, so relax – they have no interest whatsoever in ‘your man’! Never look at them as competitors – if anything, see them as a fun warm-up for a fantastic time when you get home!
  • Please – do not hurl insults at the girls or give them lectures on how there must be better ways to earn a living. They know their work is unconventional and don’t need to be reminded. In any case, insulting them is rude, it’s as simple as that.
  • Letting your hair down once in a while is good for you, but please refrain from getting excessively drunk. Having too much of the ‘good stuff’ can easily get you into all kinds of trouble – and if your behaviour gets too bothersome, you could end up being ‘evicted’.
  • Would you jump onto the stage at a theatre and start performing Hamlet? No – so please don’t jump on the stage or grab a pole. Let our professionals do their job, because a) ‘strutting your stuff’ on our stage is highly likely to make you look extremely silly and b) you’re stealing attention and potential tips from the girls.
  • If you’re watching the girls, please tip them – the fact that you’re a woman does not exempt you from the most basic rule of strip club South London etiquette: ‘If you watch them, tip them!
  • Similarly, being of the same sex does not give you the right to grope the girls. 

Finally, but by no means least importantly, we here at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Strip Club in South London are here to make sure you have a wonderful night out – so book a table or VIP booth, enjoy the view and have a great time!