Top 10 Rules for Stag Do Weekends

Well organised stag do weekends must have rules to make sure everyone has fantastic fun; the stag will be thoroughly embarrassed at least once during the weekend and no lasting damage is done to the stag or his marriage to be. Some of these rules are therefore serious, others are fun and most of them are simple, unwritten rules of proper etiquette. Here are our top 10 rules for stag do weekends.

Rule #1 – What Goes on Tour Must Stay on Tour

This unwritten rule for stag do weekends is designed to make the weekend sound like:

  • It was mysteriously fantastic
  • Everyone was so wasted no-one can remember what went on
  • Something nobody wants to talk about

Either way, this is the most important rule for stag do weekends to stick to.

Rule #2 – No-One is left Behind Enemy Lines

Nobody should be left behind asleep in a club or bar to make their way back to wherever you’re all staying after getting a nudge from bouncers. This can also be applied to anyone within the stag party meeting a girl and wanting to go to her place – stag do weekends etiquette dictates that he should not be permitted to do so on his own.

Rule #3 – No Cheating

Pretty obvious really‚Ķ think of the bride to be! You may even bump into a wild hen party where a list of dares for the bride-to-be includes the challenge to ‘kiss a stag’. No matter how drunk the stag is, make sure he doesn’t take things too far – he is, after all, getting married and does not need a drunken dalliance on his conscience (not to mention the potential repercussions should his bride ever find out!). This is one of the more serious rules for stag do weekends (as is Rule #4).

Rule #4 – Don’t Take Pranks Too Far

Pranks, dares and a whole lot of embarrassment for the stag are invariable part of stag do weekends. The important thing here is not to take things too far. In other words, make sure the stag gets back home (so please don’t put him on a slow boat to Timbuktu) without permanent drawings, tattoos or scars and with all limbs attached and preferably unbroken. Remember that if you spoil wedding photographs (or god-forbid, the wedding itself), the wife-to-be will never forgive you – or the stag, for that matter.

Rule #5 – All for One and One for All

There is no ducking out on stag do weekends. If most of your party wants to visit a strip club or drink nothing but shots, you go visit a strip club or drink shots. It is, after all, a stag do and everyone must go with the wishes of the majority.

Rule #6 – The Stag Doesn’t Get to Choose His Drinks

This can be messy – especially when everyone is having coffee for breakfast and the poor stag has to wash his morning-fry-up down with a pint of ale.

Rule #7 – Nominated Drinking Hands

This is a great way to work forfeits into stag do weekends. Nominate a drinking hand for the whole weekend and if anyone is caught using the wrong hand to pick up their drink, they must pay for their ‘sin’ by taking a forfeit.

Rule #8 – Put It Down Scorcese

Nobody wants to see the husband-to-be out of control, asleep in a bath or peeing in public, so come on, lads, put away the cameras and allow some parts of stag do weekends to become nothing but fond (or not so fond) memories. Feel free to film/take photos of daytime activities but keep anything that happens once you start drinking an undocumented mystery.  

Rule #9 – Don’t Use Mobiles

Taking or making calls and sending/receiving text messages during stag do weekends is a big no-no and anyone caught doing so must drink their own weight in beer. It’s forfeit heaven for all who get to watch and vomiting misery for those who are caught, so best leave your mobile on silent and in your pocket.

Rule #10

Finally, if your stag do weekend includes visiting us here at the Hustler Club in Croydon, make sure you all have a fantastic time! We also suggest booking your stag party in with us well in advance to avoid getting disappointed when you get here.